Purple Finch

Pictures: Took these shots the first year I started photographing with a DSLR back in 05.

Purple Finch_3522

Purple Finch Male_5271

The Day: It has been a pretty fair day. The wind has pick up a bit this afternoon but the morning was pretty nice. Looking at the forecast I see good weather a-coming!

Night Folks

The Coldest Night

Pictures: It has been 3 or 4 years since I have been to Kingman AZ but it was one the places I like to stop when headed west. It has some of the best bike trails around!

Ha, looking it up in my “Location of Places I have stayed ” Link, it looks like the last time I was there, was in Oct of 2015, seems like just the other day! Also I looked it up on FreeCampsites.net and it looks like it is still open to RVs 🙂 This is a Boondocking area by the way.



Weather: Wow, last night was my coldest night this winter because my basement water froze up. Thankfully it didn’t take long to thaw out when I put a little heater in the basement this morning. My thermometer says it hit a low of 14° F last night and that is pretty cold weather for an RV.

Night Folks

Changing Weather

Pictures: Had such nice days and then this ….


Here is a sunset from a nicer day.

Not done yet : I hit the publish button by accident 😀 ! I am sure there must be another line or two in me!

Socializing Online and understand one’s Limitations: I must not be very good at this online thing ….. I see folks that have so much going on with their blogs and I have no ideal were they get the time to do as much with them as they do. The main reason I turned off my “likes” was that I just could not find the time to go to each blog and take the time to read them and return the “like”. Even when I did this only a couple times a week it was trying for me to read the 50 or 60 blogs. Very time-consuming!!

So I have tried to slow it down a bit … by only allowing comments. This way I can find the time to go to the blogs that comment and give them a fair read and spend a fair amount of time with them enjoying photos, recipes, paintings, poems and other fun things.

Now of the aforementioned things, I have only a pretty fair understanding of the photos. When it comes to recipes I might not fully understand how all that comes together but I can often tell that would be a plate I could enjoy! As for the poems … I am even more lost, but I think of them like race cars, I might not know how to fine tune one but I can tell that one is fine tuned by how well it goes around the track! Also with poems I like to dream of being able to write so fine of words in such poetic fashion, but if you read my blog ….. we both know that is never-never and I mean never going to happen!!! LOL. As for paintings … well they are very much like the poems for me! It is all well and good, in the end …. I’ll take a fine photo of it 😀

There you go, my talking post of the quarter, I promise I won’t do it again for months 😏

I think I’ll call this post to an end early today!

Night Folks


Pictures: I seen these Elk passing one day while staying near Flagstaff, AZ a couple of years back.


Weather: It is windy but if it wasn’t for the wind it would be nice.

Night Folks

Growing in Rock

Pictures: In 2013 I visited Joshus Tree National Park and took these shot of cactus growing out of the rock.



Spring is Coming: A little over a month and it will be spring once again. I like the spring even way out here in the west desert, it might not be as near noticeable as back east but things do come alive and I enjoy watching that and always look forward to it. Today is a beautiful day but there is a little wind blowing just like most spring days here in Deming and I guess it has me thinking of spring.

I’m kicked back in my chair and watching the birds feed, I’m not getting to many kinds of birds just yet, House Sparrows, House Finches, White-crowned Sparrows and a few Doves. I’m kind of in an open area and it is not the birds favorite kind of spot. Maybe I’ll get some more interesting ones later, I’ll have to wait and see what the feeding brings me.

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