Back to little more Solitary

Pictures: Here is a House Finch from my feeding area.


Friend: Well, my friend Barry hit the road this morning about 5am and I think I won’t being seeing him for a spell. Compared to me, my friend Barry is a buzz-saw of going and doing. I’ll miss my friend after hanging out with him for more than three months. Good Travels Barry!

I will likely adjust back to my life of being more solitary pretty quickly as I always have, I am comfortable with my own company, but it always takes some time to adjust.

With my friend gone I am thinking the road is calling me …. it will not be long. I will not be going anywhere I have not been before but I will be going soon. I still have some things to do before I can go, however I don’t think they will take me long. Likely my travels will be a lot like last summer, but we will see.

Weather: Cooler and windy with temperatures going up to about 60. After having 80° to 85° days, this day feels cool, LOL.
Update: The afternoon temperature got up to a little over 62° F and it feels nice out.

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Pictures: I am sure that I have posted this shot back a couple of years ago or so but I like the colors(yellow, orange and blue) and the fire, so I will give it life again.
Hot air balloons are interesting, light weight material that looks like a cigarette burn would destroy it but they shoot a large steam of fire up inside it and it works beautifully. Mind you I know that the balloons are likely made of material that can deal with the heat and fire that it encounters, but just looking at it makes me wonder, LOL.


Exercise: Back to the short walk today, too much wind this morning for the bike ride.

Ride: My friend Barry wanted to take a ride to Las Cruces to pick up something for his RV so I went with. Something to do. We ended up going a little farther to Camping World so a round trip of somewhere near 150 miles, give or take.
Back east I could go to about any kind of store I wanted and not be gone much more than a couple of hours, not so out here in the west!

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Orange Poppy

Pictures: While out the other day I notice that some poppies had a bit different color to them, some yellow, some orange and some kind of mixed. This shot is of the more orange color ones.


Exercise: No, you haven’t been hearing much on that front, on this blog lately …. I have been taken very short walks, likely something less than a mile fairly regular but not really exercising. My left foot has a spur in the heel and it is slowing me down a bit. However it is getting warmer and the bike is in the mix now. Yesterday I took the bike out for a small 4 mile run and today I did a 10 miles plus ride. 🙂 It felt good to get some air in my lungs.

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Pictures: Just a Poppy from a near by State park, Spring Canon.


Weather: Three day of 80+ and that is okay but I hope the temperature don’t get much higher, at least for a while.

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The Profile

Pictures: Here is a couple shots right off the camera, this Dove just stop by as I was starting my post and give me a left and right profile shots. Nothing special about Doves but it was setting so pretty for me 🙂



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Great-tailed Grackle

Pictures: Here is a shot from a couple years ago of the Great-tailed Grackle.


Birds : I have been feeding the birds for over a month now and have a good bunch coming to feed however I don’t have much of a variety. House Sparrows, House Finches, White-wing Doves, White-crowned Sparrows, a pair of Pyrrhuloxias and not much else. I have my Humming feeder out too but I am not getting any hummers just yet.

Weather: I just looked at my outside temperature and I see 81° F. Wow, ease there Mr Weather, let us don’t get to moving too fast now! LOL. It won’t be long now till I start to fuss about the heat, such as it is with weather. I think it is still pretty nice for now 🙂

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From an old Folder

Pictures: Another one from a long ago folder of a flower.


Slow Day: I have been having some slow days of late and sometimes I like this, other times not so much. I have not been in a routine of late and I like a bit of a routine most of the time. I guess I have been in the same spot for a while now and I am feeling the need for rolling wheels too. Conflicting ideals? Oh yeah, I do that 🙂 So, maybe another 5 or 6 weeks here and then a little moving around …. maybe … possible. Yeah, this is as close as I get to a plan!

Weather: Too beautiful.

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El Morro

Pictures: This from my Flickr Photo stream in June of 2013. This is a shot from the top of El Morro National Monument.


Weather: Still beautiful 🙂

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