Trying WordPress’s New Block Editor

Pictures: Here is an American Gold Finch and this one shot in 5-5-07. Pretty Bird, I think he had on his best suit on …. just for the girls 😊


Block Editor : NO! That thing is not for me. I work with it about 10 minutes and that is all I wanted, I switch back to the Classic Editor in a hurry. I sure hope they don’t force us to go to the block editor one day.

Night Folks


17 thoughts on “Trying WordPress’s New Block Editor

    1. Thanks Holly, they are such a beautiful bird in the spring when the new colors come in.
      Oh, and Good Morning 🌞 , and may this be the day you write a poem that lives forever 🤞 !

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    1. Thank you 🙂 ! Sorry it has been a bit since I visited your site, love the flowers, deer and the birds but the prize is definitely that beautiful grandson, a little doll for sure 🥰

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  1. I write like Annica did, WOW!!! An amazing image of this colorful bird! I think he had on his best suit on for You! 😃
    Agree, hopefully we can continue to use the Classic editor.

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    1. Thanks Hien, the new editor might be to some folks liking but for me it looked like they try to make it simpler and ended up making it harder, well for those of us with just a little understanding of HTML code.

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