Great-tailed Grackle

Pictures: Here is a shot from a couple years ago of the Great-tailed Grackle.


Birds : I have been feeding the birds for over a month now and have a good bunch coming to feed however I don’t have much of a variety. House Sparrows, House Finches, White-wing Doves, White-crowned Sparrows, a pair of Pyrrhuloxias and not much else. I have my Humming feeder out too but I am not getting any hummers just yet.

Weather: I just looked at my outside temperature and I see 81° F. Wow, ease there Mr Weather, let us don’t get to moving too fast now! LOL. It won’t be long now till I start to fuss about the heat, such as it is with weather. I think it is still pretty nice for now 🙂

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