Back to little more Solitary

Pictures: Here is a House Finch from my feeding area.


Friend: Well, my friend Barry hit the road this morning about 5am and I think I won’t being seeing him for a spell. Compared to me, my friend Barry is a buzz-saw of going and doing. I’ll miss my friend after hanging out with him for more than three months. Good Travels Barry!

I will likely adjust back to my life of being more solitary pretty quickly as I always have, I am comfortable with my own company, but it always takes some time to adjust.

With my friend gone I am thinking the road is calling me …. it will not be long. I will not be going anywhere I have not been before but I will be going soon. I still have some things to do before I can go, however I don’t think they will take me long. Likely my travels will be a lot like last summer, but we will see.

Weather: Cooler and windy with temperatures going up to about 60. After having 80° to 85° days, this day feels cool, LOL.
Update: The afternoon temperature got up to a little over 62° F and it feels nice out.

Night Folks