Pictures: A couple of Lesser Gold Finches in the first one and Lesser Gold Finches and a House Finch in the second one.



Exercise: I walked 2 13 miles this morning.

Weather: The last two or three days has been a dream as far as the weather goes. I could not order better weather, just beautiful.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is another of the Bullock’s Oriole.


Chores: Yep, once a week I do the city chores, such is the exciting life for the old dude, LOL. Anyways …. I did Laundry, got drinking water in gal jugs, wash the truck, pick up my general delivery mail from the post office and a did a little Walmart shopping.

Weather: It has hit up near 90° over the past few days but today is a nice cool 70/80s day and I think we got a couple more of the cooler days coming, a good thing.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is another one of a Ash-throated Flycatcher. This bird had a strong shadow across it neck area and I clone that out, it was about where the grey and white meet, how did I do?


Here is a small crop of original. As you can see not prefect!

Chilling Day: Today I am chilling out no exercise or chores, just relaxing 🙂

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is another shot of the Red-Winged Blackbird. This shot is from the other park, I’m not seeing any Red-Winged in this park.


Exercise : I walked my 2¼ miles this morning so now a couple days off after walking 5 in a row.

Night Folks

More Black-chinned

Pictures: Couple more Black-chinned Hummers.

Female Black-chinned on my old feeder I use to feed the Oriole.

This Black-chinned Hummer is saying “This is my feeder … YOU GOT THAT?”

Exercise : I walked my 2¼ miles today. My foot is doing okay, a good thing seeing as it was really bugging me just a few weeks ago.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is a Black-chinned Hummer from a few days ago.


Exercise: I walked today and I have a path pick out that is between 2 and 2.25 miles that I am walking each day. In this park I don’t walk with the camera but I have a nice gang of birds coming to feed so I should still be getting a few photos.

Night Folks

Bullock’s Oriole

Pictures: Another of the Bullock’s Oriole, I think this one is female.


Friends : My friends Bruce and Pam are in the park so I have some company to hang out with. We took a ride into T or C today and stopped at Walmart and went to lunch and I got a free lunch, thanks Bruce 🙂

Exercise: I walked just over two miles today. I am still not up to speed on my walking, but it is getting better as I lose weight.

Weather: While setting around talking with my friend the wind came in from somewhere and it is blowing pretty hard. The temperatures have been just super over the past few days.

Night Folks