Odds and Ends

Pictures: Here is a couple of shots that are kind of long and not very good but I like the birds in them. The first one is Cinnamon Teals(Best guess) and the second one is Bank Swallows(Best guess).



Chores: I went into the city and did the chores today and my friend Dale rode along and the company helped pass the boring chore time by. Laundry, jugs of drinking water and a little shopping all done, so I should be good for another week.

Sate Parks and Holidays: The state parks fill up pretty much on the holiday weekends with families enjoying time off from their jobs and school and they have themselves a good time. The end of the weekend the parks empty out fast and it goes back to a few full-timers and vacationers from here and there and the pace slows down to a crawl. The birds, animals and I like the crawl pace πŸ™‚

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