Gloomy Day

Pictures: It is cool and gloomy as all get out today. These are gloomy photos and they fit the gloomy day. The good part is that we are getting a little rain and I am hoping we’ll get a good long rain.



Heat: I actually have turned on my heat today and only a few days ago we were near 90. Wild swings, I guess they happen everywhere. Maybe it mother-natures way of telling us who is in charge. 🤔

Exercise: Took me a bit today to get out of the RV but I walked a couple miles after finally getting out . Yesterday I added a short ride on the bike in the afternoon and so I had a total of 10 miles yesterday on the bike 👍 . My gold is to walk two miles or ride 10 miles on the bike.

Solar: Even with it being very overcast today my batteries have reached float and are holding fine, love my new additional solar panels. I may still break out my generator and run it for awhile just to exercise it a bit. It has been over a month since I have use it for anything and it is good to run them a bit once a month.
Yep: I did get my generator out and ran for about 15 minutes while I defrosted the refrigerator with my hair dryer that I have just for that job.

Night Folks