Datil Wells Camp Ground

Pictures: Here are some shot from around the camp ground.

NOTE: If these photos are not showing, remember that this is the day/evening that Flickr(Where I link/host my photo from) is shutting down for maintenance/Moving for about 12 hours.

Here I am all nestled in a site.

One of the enlarged and leveled site.

One of the old site not improved, it is a very large site but not level.

Here is a map of the trails that I so love about this area.

Exercise: I walked 2.8 miles today, just love the trails around here πŸ™‚

Weight: I am down about 35 lbs from the 1st of Feb …. so I am working on it.

I am going to end my post early today due to the Flickr shutdown this evening so

Night Folks
Good day Folks


8 thoughts on “Datil Wells Camp Ground

    1. Thanks David, weight loss is a hard thing and it is even harder to keep it off. I have lost 100 lbs twice in my life and both time in about a year. This is my third go at weight loss and this time I hope I can keep it off. The last two times I was able to keep it off for about 5 years and than I would slowly lose the battle. The last time I lost wright was by using the Atkins diet and it works to keep it off too, but a doctor told me it was not good for me but I have had 3 Doctors tell me after that that he was full of it, so I am back with the Atkins diet.

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    1. Thanks, if you like the woods and rolling hills this is for sure a beautiful place with nice views. There are no real high points but still high enough for a view.

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