Juniper Trees

Pictures: I enjoy seeing the Juniper trees in this area, there are Alligator Juniper, Utah Juniper and the One Juniper(Maybe more). The Alligator Juniper I recognize right off the other two are harder for me, but …… lucky for me there was a sign telling me that they where here 😮 ! The trees below are one of the latter two, not sure which. They sure show that life is tough on these hillsides. Both these trees are still hanging to life.

Datil Juniper Tree-15-7D1-052319

Datil Juniper Tree -10-7D1-052319

Exercise: I walked 3.4 miles today, a nice walk. You know, I think I live better when I am in the woods! LOL.

Weather: It is so prefect today, I could not have order better weather. Temperature at noon is 69°, a light breeze and beautiful sunshine, shoot I think I am in love with mother nature!

Holiday: Well the holiday is pretty near upon us and the little camp ground has 5 other campers beside me today, Pretty peaceful so far, just the way I like it 🙂 . I wonder how it will be over the weekend ….. I am thinking most folks like a little more goings on then what is here, I guess I am hoping so 😈 . Could pick up a few more folks but it is not a big place so I don’t see that too much excitement is going to happen, sweet!

Night Folks