Pictures: Another Mountain BlueBird enjoying a Meal-worm. I buy these bags of dried Meal-worms and put them out and I can near see the disappointment on the face of the birds when they discover that “Hey, this thing is all dried up!”.


Exercise: Not today.

Weather: Wow, three day in a row, giving up the rain!

Night Folks

Mountain Bird

Pictures: Here is a a Mountain Bluebird. This shot was a little longer than I like but I like where the bird was setting.


Exercise: I walked two miles today and that is 5 days so time for a break.

Weather: We have had a little rain in the last two days, maybe an early monsoon? I like the afternoon rains it cools it off a bit.

Night Folks


Pictures: Say, it is three Say’s Phoebes 🙂 . For some reason these guys would come and visit me at my last camping area …. maybe their nest was there at one time, a place out of the sun or a warm place next to the hot tin? Not sure why but they visited me a few times.


Exercise: I only walked 1.6 miles today.

Weather: We got a nice rain this afternoon and it has cooled things off a bit, feels nice.

Night Folks

Hiding Out

Pictures: This Ladder-backed Woodpecker was hiding deep in the tree but I got a peek.


Exercise: I walked 1.5 miles this morning and maybe I’ll add a little this afternoon/evening.
Update: I did not get any more for exercise.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is a Bullock’s Oriole form a while back.


Moved: Well I have gotten moved and I am back in one of my favorite summer spots here in one of the NM State Parks.

Weather : It has been really good.

Linux: Playing again in Linux Mint again today, I am using it now but I have to do my photos in Windows, I am spoiled with Photoshop and have not worked my way into using wine on Linux Mint yet. For those that don’t know, wine is a way to run window programs in Linux. I don’t know how well Photoshop would run in wine while on Linux.

Hummers: I set up my Humming feeder and I got Hummer right away. I am glad to see Hummers after being in area where I was not seeing them.

Night Folks

P.S. Forgot to hit the Publish button last night 😣


WordPress: For some reason WordPress is loading really slow for me today while other sites seem to load fine.
Update: I made a new connection to my VPN services and now things are much faster.

Chores/City: Well I have gotten most of my chores done for the week and I am now just relaxing here in the Walmart lot. I will likely make another trip into the store and then be done for the evening.

Weather/Wind : The wind has been relentless this year, I hear a lot of folks fussing over it but it is not a thing that bothers me too much, there are so many things worst. My only fuss over the wind is that it does keep me off the bike for exercising.

Pictures: A Black-chinned Hummer setting on my old sun-bleached feeder that I have modified for the Orioles.


No Hummers: An odd thing on my last stay of 11 days at Joe Skeen BLM park, I seen only one hummer and it never drink from the feeder, really unusual for that area. The above shot is from elsewhere.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is a shot Bullock’s Oriole I took a month or two back.


Exercise: I walked my 2.something miles this morning and now I will take two days off.

Move: Tomorrow will be moving day, I will likely do chores and overnight at Walmart for one night. The best thing about overnighting at a Walmart is that it is hard to forget something you need from Walmart 😁

Night Folks

Always Exploring

Pictures: The Western Scrub Jays are always checking out things around the feeders.


Exercise: I walked my 2.3 miles this morning so I’m staying steady with walking and having a small amount of knee pain, not zero but tolerable.

Still Playing : I have been getting the old computer out everyday and trying to pick up something new about Linux each day. Lucky for me I know so little … it is not hard to find something new!

Night Folks