Black?-chinned Hummer

Pictures: Here is a shot of a Black-chinned Hummer. That chin looks kind of blue to me … I even look up the Blue-throated Hummer but none of the markings match so it is a Black-chinned.


Friends/Exercise/Weather : A friend(Dale) show up this morning so I will have someone to shoot the bull with for a week. Dale and I walked maybe a mile, I am being lazy today. The weather has been to kill for, just tops, I don’t think I could order better weather.

Night Folks

4 thoughts on “Black?-chinned Hummer

  1. I’m glad Dale has someone new to “shoot the bull with”. He’s been hanging with his sister for 6 weeks and probably needs some man talk. heh heh πŸ˜‰ Wish I was back where the weather couldn’t be better. I came home to 98Β° here in the Valley! 😦

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    1. Hi Donna, it is always great when someone comes by and hangs out for a while. Dale and I solve most all the worlds problems when we hang out but we can’t seem to get anyone to care πŸ€” go figure!

      Oh wow, I bet that was a bit of a shock (even if you knew it was going to be) with the weather heating up that much. You and Dale stayed in pretty cool spots most of the time you where over here so that 98 has got to feel like a wall of fire after here! Thanks for stopping in with a comment …. Oh, I hear you think I am too talkative on my blog …. LOL. Seems I have that effect on a lot of folks πŸ˜‰
      Donna it was a great pleasure meeting you, stay cool over there in the Valley.


  2. If that is a black chin, then it’s a male. The black chinned female has a cream belly, shiny 70’s green Tupperware colored head and a clearly defined black chin. I have a noisy female black chin that visits my camp.

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    1. Yes, this one is the male, however the female has no black chin. I’ll post a Black-chinned female photo today. 6-4-19. The males chin looks black most of the time but when the light hits just right it gives you the nice color.


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