Chores and “Bad Day”

Pictures: Female Black-chinned Hummer. I wish I could have caught her on the other side of the feeder and not had the junk in the background.


Chores/Bad day: Today I was off to the city to do my chores, laundry, pick up gals of drinking water and do some shopping. This is also my one day a month that I have come to call my “bad day” because I can just eat any old kind of junk food I want, so I do. My friend Dale went with me today so it was nice to have someone alone to pass the time with.

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4 thoughts on “Chores and “Bad Day”

    1. Thanks …. what about a nice pizza, a burger, some cakes, some pie, little candy, chips and well you see where this is going, when I say bad day I mean “BAD DAY” LOL. I am good all other days of the month is my only defense 😁

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