Mountain Bluebird.

Pictures: Here is a Mountain Bluebird.


Move: Yesterday during my move I had a break down with the truck, that cost me almost $500.00 and a whole day’s time 😣 . However, I was lucky and did not need a tow, that could have made it a $1000.00 with the RV attached. Well, I won’t say lucky, but it could have been worst!

Exercise: I have not exercise for the last two days, slacking up.

Night Folks

10 thoughts on “Mountain Bluebird.

    1. Thanks Hien, I think the Western Bluebird looks more like the Eastern Bluebird. I agree with you, these Mountain Bluebirds look more streamline, maybe because they have less colors?


  1. Nice shot. The Eastern bluebird is Missouri’s state bird and I’ve lived in the state since 1961 and have only seen two of them; once in the late 80s and another about 8-10 years ago. You’d think being the state bird I’d see more of them. 😦

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    1. Thanks David, Maybe it is kind of like the NM state bird(Roadrunner) and not even in some parts of the state. Looking at the Sibley Guide I see in the upper part of your state it is only a summer bird. I seen a lot of them in KY when I lived back east. I do agree with you, looks like the state would pick a bird that everyone in the state would see a lot.

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    1. Thanks Judy, unfortunately the truck is like me and as we age … we going have to deal with the break downs now and then, LOL. I hope all is going well with your new adventures. 🙂


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