WordPress: For some reason WordPress is loading really slow for me today while other sites seem to load fine.
Update: I made a new connection to my VPN services and now things are much faster.

Chores/City: Well I have gotten most of my chores done for the week and I am now just relaxing here in the Walmart lot. I will likely make another trip into the store and then be done for the evening.

Weather/Wind : The wind has been relentless this year, I hear a lot of folks fussing over it but it is not a thing that bothers me too much, there are so many things worst. My only fuss over the wind is that it does keep me off the bike for exercising.

Pictures: A Black-chinned Hummer setting on my old sun-bleached feeder that I have modified for the Orioles.


No Hummers: An odd thing on my last stay of 11 days at Joe Skeen BLM park, I seen only one hummer and it never drink from the feeder, really unusual for that area. The above shot is from elsewhere.

Night Folks