WordPress: For some reason WordPress is loading really slow for me today while other sites seem to load fine.
Update: I made a new connection to my VPN services and now things are much faster.

Chores/City: Well I have gotten most of my chores done for the week and I am now just relaxing here in the Walmart lot. I will likely make another trip into the store and then be done for the evening.

Weather/Wind : The wind has been relentless this year, I hear a lot of folks fussing over it but it is not a thing that bothers me too much, there are so many things worst. My only fuss over the wind is that it does keep me off the bike for exercising.

Pictures: A Black-chinned Hummer setting on my old sun-bleached feeder that I have modified for the Orioles.


No Hummers: An odd thing on my last stay of 11 days at Joe Skeen BLM park, I seen only one hummer and it never drink from the feeder, really unusual for that area. The above shot is from elsewhere.

Night Folks

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    1. Joe Skeen BLM is a neat little spot with 10 sites and a 7 day limit that I enjoy saying now and then. I stayed 11 days this time with the permission from the Ranger that comes around checking on things. If you decide to stay there, it is best to come early in the day because the evenings often fill all ten sites.

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      1. Says it is close to Bluewater Lake – that is a definite target.

        We cleaned off the motorhome a bit yesterday in anticipation of our Le Gran Tour New Mexico State Parks!

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        1. You can see on google maps but I guess they are 30, 35 miles apart by road. Also in the area there is some nation forests, one improve area that I know of and there is some boon-docking areas that I think maybe I am going to try next. When are you guys coming out on the State parks run? maybe we’ll cross paths πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you Hien, it is really hard to pick the difference out when you get 3 or 4 kinds of Hummers together, the male are ease but the female not so much. Lucky for us birding folks the Ruby and Black-chinned Hummers don’t cross locations too much πŸ™‚ because the females do look a lot alike. With only a little bit in bill length and wing width/curve being slightly difference.


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