Pictures: Here is another shot of the Ash-throated Flycatcher.


Exercise: I rode the bike for 3 miles and walked one mile today.

Night Folks

6 thoughts on “Catcher

  1. It’s a beauty this flycatcher!

    I’ve been back on walking daily. 2+ miles a day. It feels good. Add a hike in and I might be back in shape pretty soon.

    Hope you have a lovely walk today! I’m off to get ready for mine while it’s still cool outside.

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    1. Thanks you. Good to hear you are back walking. It does feel good when you are use to walking all the time 🙂. I mostly walk in the mornings but I sometimes like to walk in the afternoon if it is not to hot, kind of helps break the day up a bit. I would love to go on a good long hike but I don’t think the knees are going to allow much of that anymore.

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