Pictures: Say, it is three Say’s Phoebes 🙂 . For some reason these guys would come and visit me at my last camping area …. maybe their nest was there at one time, a place out of the sun or a warm place next to the hot tin? Not sure why but they visited me a few times.


Exercise: I only walked 1.6 miles today.

Weather: We got a nice rain this afternoon and it has cooled things off a bit, feels nice.

Night Folks

7 thoughts on “Say

  1. Interesting shot John what with the angle and muted color. The color on their breast look a little like the color on the underside of the platform they are on. Is that a natural color or a reflection? Either way it looks nice with their soft downy looking feathers.

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    1. Thank you David, I think the color is natural on the chicks, the adult Say’s Phoebe has a darker shade of that same color. However, the light was not good up under the roof so it may have had some effect.

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