WordPress: For some reason WordPress is loading really slow for me today while other sites seem to load fine.
Update: I made a new connection to my VPN services and now things are much faster.

Chores/City: Well I have gotten most of my chores done for the week and I am now just relaxing here in the Walmart lot. I will likely make another trip into the store and then be done for the evening.

Weather/Wind : The wind has been relentless this year, I hear a lot of folks fussing over it but it is not a thing that bothers me too much, there are so many things worst. My only fuss over the wind is that it does keep me off the bike for exercising.

Pictures: A Black-chinned Hummer setting on my old sun-bleached feeder that I have modified for the Orioles.


No Hummers: An odd thing on my last stay of 11 days at Joe Skeen BLM park, I seen only one hummer and it never drink from the feeder, really unusual for that area. The above shot is from elsewhere.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is a shot Bullock’s Oriole I took a month or two back.


Exercise: I walked my 2.something miles this morning and now I will take two days off.

Move: Tomorrow will be moving day, I will likely do chores and overnight at Walmart for one night. The best thing about overnighting at a Walmart is that it is hard to forget something you need from Walmart 😁

Night Folks

Always Exploring

Pictures: The Western Scrub Jays are always checking out things around the feeders.


Exercise: I walked my 2.3 miles this morning so I’m staying steady with walking and having a small amount of knee pain, not zero but tolerable.

Still Playing : I have been getting the old computer out everyday and trying to pick up something new about Linux each day. Lucky for me I know so little … it is not hard to find something new!

Night Folks


Pictures: Too many feeder stands in the photo but the bird took well in it. Western Scrub Jay.


Exercise : This morning, I walked my normal 2.3 mile walk that I do here. The knees seem to be holding out fairly well.

Linux Mint: I am getting by and slowly learning!

Night Folks


Pictures: I have not did one of these for a while, here is a sunset from the area where I am now.


Exercise: I walked 2.3 miles again today, hope I can keep this up.

Linux Mint: I know very little about Linux so I have been playing today. It took me about all day to figure out how to get rid of the Ubuntu partition off the old computer. Well, it is all about learning 🙂

Night Folks

Wild Flowers

Pictures: Just one of the wild flowers on one of my walks.


Exercise: I did walk today, about 2.3 miles.

Linux Mint: While setting around today I got out my old computer that I have not turn on for over 2 years and install Linux Mint on it, it had copy of windows Pro that I had move to this computer and a install of Ubuntu. I just decide to reformat and install Mint. Something to play with.

Night Folks

Indian Paintbrush

Pictures: Here is a shot from one of my walks.


City/Chores: I went into the city today and did a few chores. It rain a lot today so it was a good day for chores. The rain was one of the hardest rains I have seen in a while, should help keep the dust down.

Night Folks