Pictures: Here is a Juvenile Hairy Woodpecker, I had put out a little suet on the tree limb and this young woodpecker show up to chow down on it.


Exercise : I had a good walk today, see exercise for details … well I say details but there will only be another line or so.

Night Folks

Headed Down?

Pictures: Here is a shot of a White-breasted Nuthatch coming down the tree.


Exercise/Truck: I did not exercise today but I did change out the front brakes on the truck, which took me about 3 to 4 hours. I won’t know if this fixed anything till I move next Monday.

Weather: The weather has been a bit warmer then I like in a unhooked RV but it is still bearable. Overall I have had a good summer weather wise so far.

Night Folks

The Chickadee’s Friend

Pictures: Here is a Juniper Titmouse, any time I have seen Chickadees it just a matter of time before I see a Titmouse.


Moved: I moved to a area about 12 miles south of Grants today and will likely be here a week.

Exercise: I took my walk after I moved today because I got here early. Updated on exercise page.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is a Chipmunk that like to come by for a drink now and then.


Moving/Chores: I am moving and today I will do a Walmart stay for the night. I have done my laundry, pick up some gal jugs of drinking water and now doing a bit of shopping while chilling at Walmart.

Truck: I am still having a problems with my trucks brakes squealing even when I am not pushing on them so I am going to change them out. I put on cheaper pads last time I changed them a year or so ago and I am going to put on a better set, which I pick up today. I’ll do that one day this week. I am not a mechanic by any means but I can do things like this, just don’t particularly like doing mechanical work but it will save me some money.

Night Folks

Sir Bluebird

Pictures: Sir is a Mountain Bluebird. I don’t see these guys just anywhere I go, so I enjoying seeing them when I am in this area around Grants, NM.


Exercise: Logged on the exercise page. I’m staying with my exercise very well but there is certainly room for improvement. One of the things I could do is to add upper body exercise(not likely to happen) and I could add stretching back into my exercise( could possibly happen). “SHOULD” do both but ….. I am at least thinking of it 🤔

Weather: It has been so good from my point of view. We had a nice little rain last evening, always a good thing out west here. The temperature has been just under 80 F and this part of the weather is the part I like the most.

Night Folks

Lady Bluebird

Pictures: Here is a another shot if the female Mountain Bluebird.


Exercise: Yesterday I did not exercise because I was out visiting friends, but I was back at it today and have updated my exercise page.

Weather: It is still staying in the sweet spot, just beautiful. Getting a little rain but that is okay too.

Night Folks

And yet Another

Pictures: Rufous Humming Bird, can’t help myself just love these guys!


Friends: Today I took a ride to Gallup, NM and met up with a old friend(Mickey) that I have not seen in over 2 years and it was great seeing her again. Mickey is one of the folks I met in my first year or two out as an RVer, and one of the folks I work-camp with for some time. A good day 🙂

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is a shot of a wondering Bluebird.


Chores: I was off to the city today to do the chores, laundry, pick up gals of drinking water and a little shopping.

Weather : Cooler and much nicer I think 🙂 !

Night Folks