Flower 3

Pictures: Here is another Wild Flower shot, I keep calling these wild flowers and I don’t really know if there are or not, no matter I like them.


Exercise : I walked my two miles today.

Holiday Weekend: The folks have started to come in for the weekend but it is still not started at full force yet. Last night I had one come in next to me about 11pm and wake me up and make noise till about midnight keeping me awake, weekenders don’t follow rules like quiet hours 🤔 , likely they don’t even know about them. This morning I saw a drone flying around, till a little later when the ranger made his rounds. On the Holidays the rangers are very busy trying to keep up with all the rule breakers, I would not want their job. I guess two of the big things is watching for drinking/misbehavior and of course the water safety on the lake.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July, both here and out in blog land 🙂👍.

Night Folks