Pictures: Here is a shot of a Mountain Chickadee from a couple weeks ago, this is about the only good shot I got out of a batch of 20 or so because this little Chickadee would come and go fast.


Moved : Today I moved back to the State Park and out of the national forest because I was worry it would rain and I’d be stuck. It did rain but not before I was out 🙂

Night Folks

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  1. I bought a stand with several different food bowls for the birds. Both seeds and nuts and have it on my little plot. I posted a photo in a bird group on Facebook and immediately meant the “experts” that you just feed for your own sake and you should not even have to feed in the winter.
    Of course, I feed the birds for my own sake, but of course for the birds as well. I think it’s nice to have birds outside my window.

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    1. John, don’t worry with the Facebook bunch. Feeding birds is kind of like fast-food for us but far more healthy. The birds will likely do fine with or without us feeding but it must be a joy for them to come to a spot and find a feast of seeds for their pleasure, and at that time giving us the great joy/pleasure of enjoying the site of them 🙂
      Feeding birds is not necessary but it will do no harm either and I think it will make their life a bit easier, just like eating out for us makes life easier!

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