Pictures: Here is a shot of a Mountain Bluebird.


Weekenders: I sometime hate to see the weekenders come. I know that the place is for everyone but it seems like the weekenders don’t bother with the rules, and my pet pea is loose dogs. Yesterday while out walking I had one come out on me and I held my walking stick in front of me between the dog and I and it bite my stick before the owner called it off and it would have been me that was biting if I had not had my walking stick. I sometimes think the rangers overlook loose dags but of course, they are riding around in their trucks and don’t see the dogs come out on people.

I usually don’t say anything to a ranger about it but if the dog tries to bite then I do report it to the rangers, as I did yesterday. By the way, I was not too fearful as I had the walking stick in one hand and pepper spray in the other hand, had the dog continue to aggress there would have been a battle. I told the owners somewhat rudely that they had leashes for “that”!

Just so you know I really like dogs, it is stupid irresponsible dog owners that I don’t like!!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, John! I can’t tell you how many times an unleashed dog has charged me and (worse) my little dog, who is ALWAYS on a leash, with owners trying to convince me “he’s friendly!” I carry pepper spray on a belt clip, just for them. Here doggy…

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    1. LOL, yep that “He is Friendly” is really a hoot when the dog is barking, growling and aggressing toward you!! Okay right!! I think I am far nicer about it then I should be. Sadly I don’t go out without my pepper spray or my walking stick, every. Sometimes I find that a little nip by the dog on the stick makes the dog feel like it has won the battle. It really is not the dogs fault and I tried not to hurt the dog. Most of the time I am thinking it would be fun to go over and give the owner a little whack with my stick … but the truth is, I would never hit anyone with my stick, but it is fun thinking about it!


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