Making a get Away

Pictures: Here is a Mountain Chickadee flying in, grabbing a seed and hitting the road.


Weather: I think tomorrow we are about to get a break from this heat wave, a good thing indeed.

Night Folks

3 thoughts on “Making a get Away

  1. How far away are you for most of your shots? I believe I may be too close for my shots, as my DOF area is only about 2″ of focus. It works ok for a profile shot of a small bird or animal. I believe my calculation tells me I need to be another 30′ away to increase my area of focus to be 8-12″, depending on my zoom.

    Just curious…

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    1. Hi Latenyte, the birds are usually 20 to 30 feet form my camera and that is with a 400mm Lens. I think the DOF of 2 to maybe 4 inch is good for bird photos and that is about what I get with my setup I think. Now if I am shooting a big bird, say a crow I think I would need a bit more but then I can’t get that close to crows most of the time. Most of the time I don’t think about it much, I just shoot and if I get a bad batch I try and find out what I did wrong.


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