Pictures: Here is a shot of a wondering Bluebird.


Chores: I was off to the city today to do the chores, laundry, pick up gals of drinking water and a little shopping.

Weather : Cooler and much nicer I think 🙂 !

Night Folks

6 thoughts on “Bluebird

  1. Good to read you are in a better spell of weather. We are about to have a heatwave (or how we call that in a moderate climate like ours), so everybody is warned and surrounded by at least six fans. I heard of folks moving actually ínside their airco! But it will last only three days, so no sweat. (Well, a bit of sweat probably 🙂 )

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    1. Thank you, I guess the best thing about bad weather is, it will pass sooner or later! I hope your hot weather gets over pretty quick. One thing good about here is that humidity is usually pretty low and even now it is about 50% and we have rain coming. Low humidity is very helpful.

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