Sir Bluebird

Pictures: Sir is a Mountain Bluebird. I don’t see these guys just anywhere I go, so I enjoying seeing them when I am in this area around Grants, NM.


Exercise: Logged on the exercise page. I’m staying with my exercise very well but there is certainly room for improvement. One of the things I could do is to add upper body exercise(not likely to happen) and I could add stretching back into my exercise( could possibly happen). “SHOULD” do both but ….. I am at least thinking of it 🤔

Weather: It has been so good from my point of view. We had a nice little rain last evening, always a good thing out west here. The temperature has been just under 80 F and this part of the weather is the part I like the most.

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  1. Stretching is essential. It’s easy to do ad hoc. When you think of it, just pull your arms up to the sky and hold for a few seconds and then drop them down perpendicular to your body and hold for a few seconds. Do it twice. It will feel so good, you will want to do it more, so indulge yourself in as many as desired! You don’t even need to stand up . . . just do it from your chair when you are sitting at your computer. All your tendons and ligaments will thank you. ;->

    Virtual hugs,


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