Headed Down?

Pictures: Here is a shot of a White-breasted Nuthatch coming down the tree.


Exercise/Truck: I did not exercise today but I did change out the front brakes on the truck, which took me about 3 to 4 hours. I won’t know if this fixed anything till I move next Monday.

Weather: The weather has been a bit warmer then I like in a unhooked RV but it is still bearable. Overall I have had a good summer weather wise so far.

Night Folks

6 thoughts on “Headed Down?

  1. Fun photo.
    You have really increased your speed. You are doing well.
    Do consider strength training. That would be really be helpful overall. And a few minutes of stretching is good as well.
    You can get hand weights quite reasonable at Walmart.

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    1. Thank Meta, I keep trying on the walking and I actually have a set of hand weights from Walmart but they have a good bit of dust on them 🙁 I often walk by and take long looks at them, I don’t guess that counts ? LOL.


    1. Thank you, I often hear them long before I see them and when I hear them I start watching. Out west here I have only seen the White-Breasted but back east I use to see the Red-Breasted too.

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