Different Sunsets

Pictures: A couple shots that did not turn out like I thought they would, however I kind of like them.

The sky far lighter then I expected, I darken it a bit in Photoshop and added a bit of blue to it.

Sky darker then I expected, I lighten it a bit in Photoshop.

Exercise: Today I walked down in the canyon with a neighbor RVer, always great to have company.

Gray Fox: The other day when I walked in the canyon I was surprised by a strange bark, go here for the sound. Now that is not that loud and likely was recorded from a distance but at about 25 feet it is much louder and it made me jump a bit till I saw the fox, LOL. I have only had a fox bark at me twice in my life and it is because they had kit foxes nearby. The first time I saw the kit but this time I didn’t but am near sure it is why the fox would stand at 25 feet and dark at me. I give it the space it needed to feel better. Shame, I didn’t have the camera that day.

Added Links: I added a couple of Links to Free Camping sites that have tons of free or near-free camping sites listed, both sites very good. Also added a much-needed link for us RVing folks, a site that lists places to dump your wastewaters.

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