Pictures: Yesterday morning I left the park to head into Grants for some shopping and odds and ends, about 5 miles from the park I passed a state highway truck going in the opposite direction and a large piece of metal flew off of it and hit my truck. Took a long time for the police to get there to file a report.
So then I spend the rest of the day making reports and working with the state highway department filing claims, getting estimates and such.
It will take the highway department 4 to 6 weeks to process the claim. I need my truck so I went to the bank, got the money to fix it and set up an appointment for next Monday at the body shop. The cost estimate was $2500.00 and time to fix the truck estimate is 5 days.
I was both lucky and unlucky. I was lucky that I was not a second or two later to the spot where the piece of metal hit me because it would have come through the windshield and badly hurt or kill me, weee, close one!!! Unlucky in that I was passing by the state truck when the metal piece came off.



Here is the piece that hit my truck.

Exercise : Yes I am back at it, exercise page updated.

I did not sleep well last night and I am a little tired so I am not going to leave the blog open because this is likely all for today so ….

Good Day Folks

14 thoughts on “Accident

  1. Oops, shared comments but they seem to have disappeared … Re-posting comments.

    Sorry to hear about the MISHAP but glad that you are safe and unhurt (except for the jostle that anyone would have definitely experienced). Get some good rest and hope you feel better. Take care.

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  2. That is a huge hung of metal, you are lucky in that sense. Just sorry you have to go through the hassle and downtime to get the truck fixed and then deal with the highway department.

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    1. Yes it is! It happen in a second but still I was doing me some ducking, LOL! Yeah, the down time is a bit of a headache but it got to be done. I had to bum a little more time out of the rangers here in the park for a few extra days stay so I’ll have time to get it done, they where very gracious in allowing me to do so.

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    1. Thank you, I am hoping for the best on the repair, the guy has a good reputation, I think I will get my money from the state but it will take a while, maybe hopeful thinking but 🤞

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  3. OMG. You definitely were lucky. At some point, I’d be contacting state representatives re failure of state employees to cover/secure the load. Or maybe even news media. Glad you’re OK except for the time/effort you’ll spend dealing with the damage.

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    1. Thanks Judy, for sure lucky. As long as the state pays up I won’t make a fuss. Although everything in the truck was loose, the state cop took pictures and give him a warming ticket I think. I really do not want to cause the young man trouble, just want my truck fixed. It will be a bit of headache to do all this while on the road.


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