Pictures: Just a weed or wild flower.


Mirror: Yet another bad mirror from the parts house ( O’Reilly Auto Parts). Went in today and picked up the second one, put it on the truck in the parking lot and tried out all the power movements (power Mirror) and all that worked okay, but then as I took off down the road I notice it was not straight while up in the towing positions so back to the parts house and the replacement is on order 😣😞 Nuts!!!

Exercise: Wearing off a little energy in the mornings is a good thing about now, exercise page updated.

Night Folks

2 thoughts on “Again

  1. That is a pretty wildflower photo. Am mot familiar with this one.

    Sorry to hear about all the problems you have been having lately. You were indeed very lucky that it only hit the truck and not you. I shudder to think how close it was.
    Now, of course come all the hassle about getting it fixed etc.
    Wishing you all the best with that, but I am pleased to see you have kept up with your walking and stretching.
    The scales will soon be able to tell you about your progress,

    A few years ago a Deer ran into my Van. Killed him and did a lot of damage to my Van. However, if it had happened a few seconds later he would have run right into me on the driver’s side and I am not sure if I would have survived that.

    So, we were both lucky as far as freak accidents go.

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    1. Thank you Meta. Well I guess all the problems is what is called life πŸ€” . I feel more on the lucky side for it not hitting me in the windshield then I do unlucky for being in on the road at that time.

      I am pretty happy when I drop a pound per week and I did that last month and now for next month ….

      I have been lucky as far as deer go, a few near misses but no hits. I guess sometimes it is best to count one’s “good lucks” vs worrying with the ‘bad lucks”.
      The deer seem to come out of nowhere when they get on the road. I am glad for your better part of luck with the deer and your van πŸ™‚


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