“Hey over here, I’m talking to you! “

Pictures: This little Female Rufous Hummer was a sassy young lady 😏 .


Weekend: Well, the weekend campers are here and having fun …. making noise, smoke and running the roads, LOL. I wish I was one of them again.

Truck: One of the things that is taking the truck longer to come home is that I am also having a few ding and bangs that I picked up over the years fixed while it is in the shop. The tailgate I messed up about 3 years ago, had a small chip out of my right side fender where someone tapped me in a parking lot, and a few paint chips missing on the plastic above the front bumper from road degree and maybe power spraying in the car wash. At any rate, I got all 3 of these added for only $600.00 and I had other repair shops ask me that much and more just for the tailgate. Of course, body shops make a nice chunk of money when they get insurance to pay for bigger repairs and are often open to adding small repairs at better prices, glad I knew this.
But … that was all in the plan from the start. The shop just run into other problems like workers off that was unplanned and maybe repairs that had to be done ahead of me seeing as they do all the state vehicle repairs for the area. I don’t know for sure but it is just taking a bit more time than expected. Hopefully by Monday/Tuesday.

I would be upset if this particular shop didn’t have such a good reputation with the locals. Hopefully, they will be just as good for an out-of-townee 😉 . I think they will, I like the people at the shop, they have a good attitude and are always very helpful when I am working with them on all the paperwork and stuff. I think using the shop that does the state repairs helped me with getting my claim done with the state. They all knew each other, making the trust factor higher for all.

The head ranger here in the state park knows the folks at the repair shop too, so that is likely a helpful thing in getting my stay here extended beyond the normal two weeks. Of course, I always take the time to say hello and be friendly with the park rangers wherever I go and that may have been helpful, at any rate, Thank you Park Rangers for your help and consideration!

I must say I am finding the state staff members at all levels to all be very helpful.

Too Chatty: Dang, I am way to chatty today 😮 !

Good Afternoon Folks.