Rufous in the Rain

Pictures: This Rufous Hummer was on guard duty at her feeder on a rainy day, a little while back.


Truck : Waiting patiently for the call that my truck is done and they are on the way to pick me up to get it(they said it would be afternoon). They give me a ride home when I drop it off and they are going to give me a ride to pick it up, I appreciate that 🙂 .

Exercise: I walk this morning just to take some of the energy off my mind. Exercise page updated.

Update: DAMN! Another day on the truck! Had to talk with the ranger again, beginning to feel like a bum with this asking to stay longer over and over 😖 ! The folks at the body-shop even offer to loan me a truck but hopefully, this will be over soon. The ranger was okay with me staying yet another day too, so I’ll just do that.

I have lots of support from folks but I am not one that likes to lean on others, and I feel bad when I have to do so.

Computer: Well great, my computer just lock up tighter than a jug, had to pull the battery out to get it unlocked. This is likely hardware failure, hope this thing doesn’t quit on me just now. Running good now …. so hopefully, it was just a one-off thing.

Hope your day is going better than mine!