The Truck is Home

Pictures: Here is a shot of the RV/Truck in the National Forest where I moved today, a fine little spot! I think this is part of El Maples National Conservation area. The old can in the photo is something that someone has been using to burn stuff in and the white can you see on left side the photo is just my bird bath water can. There is other stuff laying around too and I’ll try to pick up some of it and dispose of it. Some other full-time RVers and I often try to leave a place looking a bit better then we found it.


Truck: Well I got my truck back yesterday evening about 4:30 or 5 and then had to go into the city and settle up with the body shop and then do some much needed shopping. I got back to the RV about 8 pm and by the time I put food away it was dark. This morning I unloaded my tool box that I had left set behind the RV while the truck was being fixed and and loaded the tool box into the truck and mounted it back in place and then put all the tools back in the tool box. I then loaded my ladder and another smaller tool box I keep and other things that live in the truck bed. Next I had to figure out how and where to load the E-bike, which ended up in the bed of the truck where the peddle bike always went and of course I then had to find a place for the peddle bike which ended up on the back of the RV. Next it was hookup the RV to the truck and off to the dump to empty the waste tanks and then to the potable water to fill my fresh water tank. I had not did any laundry for a while so I stopped in Thoreau to do my Laundry on my way to the National Forest which is due west of the State park on the other side of the lake, likely about 40 miles drive in all. By the time I got to the spot where I wanted to go and set up/unloaded/unhooked it was near 4pm.
So ….. The truck is back and I have gotten moved, all is well!

Exercise : I think all the loading and moving was all the exercise I wanted for the day!!! My back is smarting a bit from all the heavy lifting but hopefully it’ll be okay by tomorrow.

Night Folks