Before and After

Pictures: A few snap shots taken with the phone and camera of the truck before and after of other areas(not cause by wreck) I had fixed while it was in the shop.

The areas of the wreck have been repaired but I also got three other things fixed too, one was on the other side of the truck where I once had mudflaps and someone clipped me in a parking lot breaking it loose and chipping out where it was attached.

Before, with chips and a little mud.

After, no more chips but still a little mud πŸ€”

This was cause by me in a moment of (What did I do now!!!). Tail gate before.

Tail gate after.

Before, Peace of plastic over front bumper with a few clips from the road over the years …..Also a few bugs and a little dirt 😟

After, no more clipped paint but I still have lots of bugs and a little mud πŸ€”

The Mirror, truck bed and fender from the wreck are all fixed too.

New Spot: The area where I am parked is very quiet and peaceful but this morning I talked with the Game Warden and hunting season is about to start(Bow and Arrow) and he says I will surely have company. Hopefully not too much, and if I am lucky they won’t be drinking and parting too. I know I have met a few hunters that drink and party as much they hunt! But … 🀞🀞

Exercise : I walked today and rode the E-bike a bit, exercise page updated.

Everyone have a nice day.