Not speaking to You

Pictures: A shot of a couple Pinyon Jays at the birdbath for a little drink. Wonder what is in their minds? I have noticed that the beak of the Pinyon Jays have a bit of a rough spot on the top side near their heads, I have seen this on many of them, and I am not sure why this is. Anyone know?

“I am not speaking to you!”

Exercise: I did walk this morning but I felt very wore down, maybe I need a break. Exercise page updated.

Passing By: I have seen a group of Turkey pass by this morning (Maybe 8 or 10) And a stray dog. The dog was likely dropped off by someone and maybe mistreated, it would not allow me near. It was a small Collie, not likely to do well out in the woods here. The Collie had come by for a drink out of my Birdbath but unfortunately, I had covered the birdbath with a plastic bag this morning trying to fight off a mess of bees that had been coming to it. A bee stung me on my big toe when I went out in my flip-flops this morning, ouch!
If the bees keep getting as thick as this morning I may have to take the birdbath down. They are getting on my Humming feeder too but it is the one with the slits instead of the holds, made to be, Bee resistant.

Weather: We have had a couple of nice days with the temperatures getting to mid 80s with just a little lite wind, which ain’t bad.

Have a nice day folks.

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