Truck in the Shop

Pictures: A shot of a Black-headed Grosbeak.

“Landing gear down.”

Truck : I turned in the truck this morning for the warranty repairs and the shop owner(Steven) said this round would not be as long with a lot less to do this time. I really like this shop and the owners (Grant Collision Center).

Exercise: After Steven give me a ride back to the RV this morning, I went out for a walk. Exercise page updated.

Night Folks.


Pictures: Here is a shot of a Broad-tailed Hummer I took a few weeks ago.


Setup: I have the RV set up in the State Park, and I am ready to turn in my truck to the body-shop in the morning. Hoping for a speedy return 🤞.

Good Evening Folks.


Pictures: Here is a shot of a Pinyon Jay.

“I wonder if this is a good seed?”

Moving Again: I am moving around again, so I can get a full two weeks in one place before turning in my truck to the body-shop again on Monday. Hopefully it will come back to me a little faster this time. I will hang out at Walmart tonight and stock up on food and stuff and move into the park tomorrow and set up the RV before giving up my truck on Monday.

Have a nice day folks.


Pictures: These little berries are about half dine size and comes in the fall on a plant that blooms in the summer with little rose like flowers and the plants looks like a wild rose bush.


Exercise: Yep, got it done. Exercise page updated.

Opps: I hit the Publish button instead of the update button 😊

Weather: It has been just about prefect for my taste. Nice mild day temperatures and nice cool nights and the days are mostly sunny.

You folks have a nice day.


Pictures: Here is one the White-breasted Nuthatches that would come by for a seed or two now and then.


Exercise: Yep, I did that, exercise page updated.

Night Folks

Four Days

Pictures: Just a wild flower.


Place to Stay: Well the national forest park did not work out for me because it was closed, so I headed back to the BLM area that I know, it will only be a four-day stay. I am cheating a little … in this BLM area you are allowed to stay 7 days out of 28 days, so I will be breaking the rule by 2 or 3 days. Hopefully I won’t get fussed at. I tried to stop by the ranger station to ask if it was okay but it was close today.

Friend: I will meet with one of my oldest RV friends(Max) today and it will be great to see him!

Night Folks.

Long Day

The Day: I left the park this morning to do chores in the city and one of the things I did, was to go by the body shop that repaired my truck and show them a couple of cracks that had showed up in the work on the new fender. Well, it was decided that I needed to bring it back in for a redo ….. so, I will have to turn my truck back in on the 30th for a few more days.
With that in mind, I decide that I would leave the State Park for a few days so that when I go back I will have a full 2 weeks to stay when I turn my truck back in, just in case it goes longer than expected again.
So for tonight I am at the Walmart and will move tomorrow to a National Forest Park that I know of for 4 or 5 days and then back to the State Park for two weeks.

Internet: I am not sure if I will have an internet connection in the National Park so you may not hear from me for a few days.

Night Folks.

Hairy Came for a Drink

Pictures: Here is a shot of a Hairy Woodpecker.


Exercise: Sunday are mostly off days for me but I needed one more to have 5 days which is the amount of days I like to exercise each week, so I did exercise today. Exercise page updated.

Good evening folks.

Pinyon Jay

Pictures: Here is a shot of one of the local Pinyon Jay.


Tired Today: Now and again I have a night that I don’t sleep well and last night night was one of them. I don’t have them too often but sometimes I do. Usually I sleep well the next night 🙂

Night Folks.