“Lost my Tree”

Pictures: This White-breasted Nuthatches would often come and feed on the ground but in the wild they are nearly always seen running up and down trees.

“Lost my Tree”.

Exercise: I walked this morning giving me 5 days this week but will now take the next two days off. Exercise page updated.

Weather: It has cooled off a bit over the last couple days and it feels good! I like the weather about where it is now, low 80s.

Helicopter : Yesterday evening I saw a helicopter flying back and forth from the lake to a spot about 5 miles (8.05 km) on past me(best guess) and it had the water bag underneath and I could tell it was carrying water. That worried me a bit, so I hooked the RV to the truck …. just in case. The helicopter left about dust and I watch the road to make sure no fire truck were going back and forth and I felt better but I kept the RV hooked up just in case. I watched for smoke and flames but there was none.

No problem, this will just give me a head start when I move tomorrow.

Night Folks.