Pictures: One of thee Hairy Woodpecker from the summer shots, the background suck a bit.


Exercise: Last walk of the month, exercise page updated. Oh, a little movement in my weight too, see exercise page!

Weather: Finally some sunshine! It is good to see the sun again, one of the reason I like the west, sunshine!

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is a Squirrel from the summer shots.


Exercise: Bad weather cause me to miss yesterday’s exercise, It pretty much rain all day. I got back at it today, exercise page updated.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is a Northern Flicker, picture taken a month or two back. It was a long shot and a little underexposed because I was shooting into the sky and it was also a long shot. I put the full shot(resize down) in the upper left corner.


Exercise: Chilly walk this morning. Exercise page updated.

Weather : It has started raining and looking at the forecast I guess it will be raining for a while, as in the next three days. The weather motivated me enough to go out and have a couple of propane tanks filled, like staying warm! ♨🔥

Night Folks

Male Finch

Pictures: Here is one of the many House Finches that come for my seed.


Exercise: Back at it today after a couple days off. Exercise page updated.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is another of the Copper’s Hawk, from the very same set as the one posted just a few days ago, just looking the other way.


Weather: I guess the cooler weather is coming, the north is coming down ⛈. I got my heaters ready to go.

Night Folks


Pictures: One of the many House Finches that comes by to visit my feeder. There was a little wind on this day


Exercise: One last walk for the week, exercise page updated.

Weather: It was a bit cool last night 29°, well, for sleeping without heat anyways. I know this is not cold by any means for most folks, however it chilly without heat. I likely won’t run heat during the night this winter till the temperatures start to get near 20° or below. Of course, I get the heat going quickly when I get up in the mornings 🔥.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is another of the Common Black Hawk. This shot taken at Percha Dam State Park a few weeks back.


Exercise: I did that, exercise page updated.

Weather: Coolest today, but still a lot better than more northern places 😁.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is a Cactus Wren that comes by to get a seed or two every now-and-than.


Exercise: I walked this morning, exercise page updated.

Rain : It did rain a bit today but not a lot. Even got a little sunshine going on in late afternoon 🙂.

Night Folks