Hanging Out

Doing ….. Nothing: I have not been doing much more than my exercise this week. I have not even done any birding other than seeing a few on my walks. So about the only thing I am getting done is exercise. The weather change is keeping my door close so no feeders outside this week. I will likely set up feeders when I move next time because the RV will then be setting still for some time. I also think the weather is going to warm up a little too.

Truck: I need to do some work on the truck and have some work done on it that I can’t do. I need to put on a Hydraulic Clutch Assembly(The one on the truck is leaking.) I have already purchased it(not cheap!) and will put it on soon. Also, I need to have some Ball Joints replaced on the truck and I don’t have the tools for that.

Exercise: I have been keeping up on my walking, but I have not been riding the bike any. My moving has kept me from unloading the E-bike(It is heavy) and I have been moving around too much but next week I should be done moving for a bit.

Weight : I am stuck at about 215 and I have to get a little tougher. Just got to get the mind set right.

Night Folks