Feeder full of Bird

Pictures: The Curve-billed Thrasher came by for a few seeds and is a big enough bird that the feeder is not shared when the Thrasher is in it 😏. Loves the eyes on this bird.


Exercise: I got out for my walk this morning, exercise page updated.

Weather: Wow, we got a good rain yesterday evening/last night and the dust is settle, a good thing. The weather man says more rain to come which is good too.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is a shot of a House Finch just outside my RV door here in Deming.


Exercise: I got back to my walking this morning and it felt good 🙂. Exercise page updated.

Night Folks


Pictures: I went for a walk one day alone the river while in Percha Dam State Park and at the head of the trail, I seen this Cooper’s Hawk drying off a bit after a little fishing in the river. Looks like a first year Cooper’s.


Chores : Today was a day for all my chores and a little visiting with my friend(Judy) for some birding in her back yard.

Night Folks


Pictures: When I was in Percha Dam State Park and walking along the river(Rio Grande), I seen this fox on the other side.


Exercise: Not today, but I did work about 3 hours this morning, so that counts!

Birds: I got White-crowned, Chipping, Black-throated Sparrows and of course White-wing Doves showing up at the feeder now, so the list is growing 🙂.

Night Folks

Scoring a Peanut

Pictures: Another of the White-breasted Nuthatcher and scoring a peanut in this shot.


Exercise: I did not walk today but I did do my volunteering thing with lots of weed clearing and raking the grounds and yesterday that give me 2 miles so I figure I did as much today! 🤔😏

Birds : Staring to get a few birds coming around but still haven’t got the camera out and starting shooting yet. I have seen Pyrrhuloxia, House Finch, Curve-billed Thrasher, Cactus Wren, House Sparrow(Boo) and doves at the feeder so far.

Good Evening Folks


Pictures: Here is a White-breasted Nuthatches.


Exercise: Today I did my walk and came back and started clearing and raking some weeds, and forgot to turn the app off. I know from all my other morning walks that it would have been about 2.3 miles (3.7 kilometers) but as I worked I heard it tell me it “three miles” and I thought “I got to turn that off” but was loading a little wagon and forgot again …. later on I heard 4 miles (6.44 km) … I turned it off that time, LOL. Exercise page updated.

Night Folks


Pictures: Of the Jays in the west the Western Scrub Jay is one of my favorites.


Exercise: I got out for a walk this morning, exercise page updated.

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Pictures: Another of the Hairy Woodpecker from the summer.


Cool Walk: As in chilly this morning, really not bad, just that the fast change makes feel cold. Exercise page updated.

Birds : Starting to get a few birds at the feeder now but it is too cool to set with the door open to watch them.

Windows 1909 updated: I got the new 1909 update(Fall Updated) today and as promised it was nu-intrusive as compared to other Windows updated.

Night Folks

Hanging Out

Pictures: Just a few birds were all enjoying the feeder this summer.


Chores/Volunteering : I went out and did all the city chores today. I also did a bit of weed clearing around the park, something to do.

Night Folks