Only a Few Hours Left

The New Year is upon us! “2020” a nice easy year to type with nice round numbers. A time to think of all the things that you need to change and make better and commit to do so, only to go back to the same as always in a matter of days, LOL. Well okay, that is the way most of us do it 🙂. Hey, don’t let that stop you from all your resolutions …. this could be your year and I for one, am cheering for you to success at all your resolutions and will not judge you, should you not make it to your goal.

🎈Happy New Year Folks🎈


Pictures: Here is Cactus Wren.


Weather: I am glad that today is one of my off days(from exercise), because it was chilly today and not my favorite kind of day for walking.

Night Folks

A nothing Day

Not getting any new pictures for now, has not been the kind of weather I like for birding. Anyways no photos today. I got out for a couple of chores today but I think that will be about all for today. Time for a movie or two maybe.

My life is too exciting ….. 🤔

Nice weekend folks.


Pictures: Yet another of a Pinyon Jay from Blue Water State Park.


Exercise : Another one in the bucket. Exercise page updated.

Night Folks

Blue Bird

Pictures: Another of the Western Blue Bird. In the summer I can’t get enough of these guys, beautiful birds.


Xmass: Well the big day is coming and I hope everyone is all set for their fun day. ⛄ 🦃 🍽 🎄 🎋.

Good day Folks

A new Post

When: When I don’t do photos I am near completely loss as to putting anything on the blog, of course even when I do a photo it is certain not that I put much more on the blog. Just not a big talker over all. Well unless you are a personal friend and then I may talk your ear off!

At any rate not much going on this weekend, just did my last day of exercise and ready for couple of chill days. As always fighting the weight thing.

Weather: The nights are cold as can be but the days are pretty dang nice.

Night Folks