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Flickr: Well Flickr is going to raise their yearly rate again. I am thinking of how to go about it the next time my Account is due (Nov 2020), at some point I will have to set a limit as to how much I will pay. All this is if Fickr is still around! The owner/CEO says it is still losing money. At this point they still have free accounts that allow as many as 1000 photos and one can make more than one account. I have one of the pro accounts because I had well-over that many photos in my account when they started charging and I would have lost all my connection to the photos in my blog. I am beginning to realize that at some point I will have to let it go. Same thing happen over at Photo-bucket.

On line storage is a bet I think, you don’t know if they will be around in a couple of years from now or not and that is even if you pay. Once you get hook in it makes it hard to let go, and they will use that to get some cash out of you.
Over the years, It has been a big thing to give a free accounts(all kinds) in a trade for your personal data which they suck up and sell for whatever they can get and then take the stand that they can no longer run the site without charging you. So you get to pay for the site while they are selling your data to whomever will buy it! Okay, Rant of the day done!

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  1. When Flickr changed their pricing policy to no longer grandfather the old-timers in at the old price I purged my images to under 1000 images and let my “pro” status go. Long before that, they started changing the groups, and privacy terms and selling your stuff unless you made everything private and people started leaving in droves. Group discussions have just about fizzled out in the groups I was in so group sites only became photo dumping grounds. Sigh. It’s not the fun place it once was. I’ll upgrade my blog before I pay Flickr again.

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    1. At some point I will just say enough and drop it. The problem I have of upgrading the blog is that I have 8 or 9 years of links(near every day post) that I would have to go back and move the photo somewhere and than link to it again, maybe more than I am willing to do. I don’t mind paying a little but $50.00 was a push and going up even farrier is really starting to makes me think maybe it is time to do something else. I am not saying I won’t give the $60.00 but they are starting to push their luck with me.

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