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When: When I don’t do photos I am near completely loss as to putting anything on the blog, of course even when I do a photo it is certain not that I put much more on the blog. Just not a big talker over all. Well unless you are a personal friend and then I may talk your ear off!

At any rate not much going on this weekend, just did my last day of exercise and ready for couple of chill days. As always fighting the weight thing.

Weather: The nights are cold as can be but the days are pretty dang nice.

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  1. I hear you on “fighting the weight thing”. During late spring through fall with my 3 times a week exercise and heavy yard work , gardening, and walking to photo sites I managed to get my weight down to record lows. At least record for the past few decades. 🙂

    Beginning with Thanksgiving and continuing through the end of January (my birthday month) I start my fat season. Slowly adding weight as I continue to feast on any and everything sugar while spending most of my time at the PC editing or in a chair watching TV.

    I know the “secret” (don’t eat any thing you want to eat whenever you want to and keep moving) but for some reason I can’t do it during fat season.

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    1. LOL, there are many “secret” and we all now them … However ….. you know the end of this one! But we must just keep trying within our own little powers of control. Oh shoot, just writing this is making me hungry! LOL. Happy Holidays David.

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