Wading Water

Pictures: Another Western Blue Bird.


Big City: I went with my friend (Barry) to El Paso today and it is a long ride or so it seems to me now-a-days.

WordPress: Having some trouble with WordPress.com and my VPN (NordVPN). Had to make a connection outside the US for the two to work together. Not sure why this is happening … the two had been working fine together until about 3 days ago.

Oh Crap, it just started acting up again 😣! 5 minutes later … working again ….!

Have a nice day Folks


Pictures: Here is a Hairy Woodpecker.


Loafing: A fine loafing day it has been today 🙂.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is a Canyon Towhee.


Chores: Yep, the chores, the chores, must be done!

Sayings : My friend (Judy) sent me a list of little sayings this morning that I got a chuckle out of. Here is one of them …

“Always remember that you’re unique. Just like everyone else.”

Night Folks


Pictures: A chipping Sparrow.


Exercise: A nice cool walk this morning, exercise page updated.

Weather: The weather is staying pretty cool for this area, but not bad over all.

Night Folks