More Spring Canyon

Pictures: Another one of my oldest RV friends(Bruce) came through the Deming Area and stopped over for a couple days and we with up to Spring Canyon and snaps a few shots today.



Exercise: I got out for my fifth day today, so I’ll be lazy for a couple now, exercise page updated.

Night Folks

On the Pole

Pictures: Curve-billed Thrasher on a windy day.


Exercise: Yes I did, exercise page updated. Exercise, the one thing that I am getting right about my heath … now if only I would only stop stuffing my face!
Hey, nobody out there thinks I am a creature of habit, do you …..? Okay, I guess I am.

Night Folks

Long Ear Brown Bird?

Pictures: Here is a couple shots of my visiting Rabbit. This one likes sipping a little water and nibbling on my Quail Block.



Exercise: I am still getting through the week, day 3 down, exercise page updated.

Night Folks


Pictures: A House Finch.


Exercise : I got to it this morning, exercise page updated.

Solar: We cleaned up a bit under the hood this morning and now maybe a ground wire or two inside and we are done!

Night Folks

Bird on a Bean

Pictures: A chipping sparrow shot.


Exercise: Back to my exercise this morning, the exercise page is updated.

Bird Feeding: I am trying to find a balance of feeding birds without getting to many coming to the feeder and making messes for my neighbors. No one has complained but I like being a good neighbor if I can.

Night Folks