Messy Them

Pictures: Well, I had a messy her, a messy him and now I got a messy them! Lesser Gold Finches.


Exercise: I got day 4 done, so one to go. Exercise page updated.

AC: I fire up the AC for while today, not so much as I was all that hot but I just wanted to make sure it still worked …. and it does 👍. Still looking for a Swamp Cooler.

Night Folks

Mr Messy

Pictures: Here is the Male Lesser Gold Finch having some thistle seeds. These Gold Finches are not pretty eaters!


Exercise: Three days done, exercise page updated.

Weather: It is a little better today, about 5° cooler then the last two days.

Night Folks

C-B Thrasher

Pictures: Here is another of the Curve-billed Thrasher.


Exercise: I got day two in the can, exercise page updated.

Weather: Oh boy, the heat is starting to come on! Hitting a little better than 90° but I am hanging tough and not turn on the AC yet …… but it won’t be long.

Night Folks


Pictures: This messy little lady was enjoying her meal. Female Lesser Gold Finch.


Exercise: I am going to try for a whole 5 walks this week! Got really slack last week. Exercise page updated.

Staying: I think I am going to stay put for at least another month to see where this COVID 19 goes. Surely not the weather I want to be in but it is safe place to stay. The county I am in only has three cases so not bad considering other places that I might could go.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is one of the Broad-tailed Hummers that visit me.


Weather: Oh boy here come the heat that I am not use to! Today is pretty close to 90º. that is usual the max temperature of the places I have been going to for the summer, but for here it is just the start. It won’t be long before the old AC is going, but I am holding off because I am not real fond of AC, I prefer nature’s air at a nice temperature! But still ….. life is good here in this little RV Park.

Night Folks

Seed Spotting

Pictures: This Pyrrhuloxia has a keen eye out for a seed or two.


Quite: Today is a nice peaceful day and I am in the chill mode!

Exercise: Well, I missed two days of exercise this week but hopefully I’ll stay on schedule this coming week.

Night Folks

Little Red Finch

Pictures: Another of one of the House Finch.


Exercise: Okay I am back on track with my exercise, exercise page updated. Debating rather to walk one day this weekend to make up or just call the three days good.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here another shot of the White-Winged Dove hanging on the edge of the feeder.


Exercise: My second day not exercising this week. May end up being a 3 day exercise week.

Night Folks


Pictures: Another of the Gambel’s Quail.


Exercise: I felt very tired this morning so I did not walk.

Rewiring: Today my friend and I started rewiring his light on the car to work with the RV. The first time we didn’t get it right. We used some wire that came with a light kit and it was really thin cheap wire so we had to replace it. The weather got a little windy this afternoon so we will finish it off tomorrow.

Night Folks