Wild Flowers

Pictures: Yet more of the Spring Canyon flowers.



The Toilet Paper Rant: This morning I did the early morning thing for my shopping. I am not sure how it is in your areas but here in Deming, NM, one must get to the Walmart early if they want to score a few rolls of “PT” Toilet Paper 🤔. So, that was my chore for the morning.

I read somewhere on the net yesterday that many people have as much as a year’s supply of TP store away now ….. You know, I think that folks who want to get the stimulus money should first have to submit to an inspection of their home and if they have a year supply of TP, they should not get the stimulus money because they already have too much money to waste!!!!! LOL okay, okay, I am just kidding but the TP hoarding thing is a bit ridiculous, just saying 🥺.

I went into a bathroom one time and there was a sign on the wall that said “No job is complete until the paper work is done!” . LOL.

Stay safe Folks