Pictures: This fellow comes around quite often and I got this shot on a bright sunny day. He is a Pyrrhuloxia.


Wiring: Today my friend and I wired up his car to hook to the RV and have all the car lights work with the RV(tail,brake and signal lights) and now he don’t have to use the magnetic lights that set on top of the car. They sell a diode kit to separate the power from the car and RV, seems to work. When hooked for towing it did seem to have a little bit of bleed over on the signal lights when the tail lights where on. As you use the signal to turn left there would be a slight fading in and out on the right side and vice-versa. I don’t know the cause of this and the turn signals worked perfect when the tail lights where not on. Maybe we will wait till dark and do a test to see how bad it is.

Night Folks

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    1. Thanks Hien, I remember the first time I seen one, I knew it wasn’t a Cardinal but a near by person was telling me it was …. I got the shot and went home and looked it up. 🙂


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