I am not Mocking you!

Pictures: Here is a Mocking Bird that came by the feeders to see what was going on with the big bird meeting!


Weather: It is hitting the 90° over the last couple days. Pretty warm.

Swamp Cooler: Well I got my Swamp Cooler and I am giving it a try and learning to use it. It surely won’t cool the whole RV being as small as it is. I once had one that would but this one is smaller, maybe 1/3 as big. Anyways, I am finding that I can get about a 10 degree drop in temperature if I shut the back half of the RV off. I got 90 outside right now and 79 inside for the living/kitchen area and that is where I live during the day, so maybe it will work out. I was thinking hard about taking it back for a while there! Another thing I did was to set it right in front of a open window and I think that was the biggest help of all. I was just running it near a open window before. I am working on the air flow to get the best out of it (air in vs air out).

Night Folks