House Finch 1000 … well maybe

Pictures: Here is yet another of a House Finch. I have no ideal how many House Finch photos I have posted over the years but it has to be a high number. They are a very common bird in many places I go.


Exercise: Got out for my walk this morning and I didn’t much feel like going but I push on and did it anyways. Exercise page updated.

Swamp Thing: On the good news side of things the Swamp Cooler is doing a fine job of keeping me cooled off. It was just a matter of figuring out the air flow. I have the cooler setting in front of a window and I have the back section of the RV closed off. All that, with the combination of my Fantastic Kitchen Vent Fan to push air out while the Swamp Thing pulls it in, the circulation is working excellent. This is getting me 10 to 15 degree cooler air then outside and that works for me! This is a good thing because we are having a lot of days with temperatures pushing up over 90 now and it feels nice to be setting around in the 80s while it is 90s and above outside and knowing that it is not costing me a arm and leg to paid for it! The Swamp Thing was a good investment.

Afternoon update, today is a good test with it being 95 outside and I am holding at 80 inside …. so far!

Night Folks

2 thoughts on “House Finch 1000 … well maybe

    1. Thanks Judie, I was hoping it would work out and I think it is fine. Maybe one of the down falls is that I need to start it early in the day before the RV gets too hot. It is not as convenient as AC but it is a lot cheaper to run.
      All so with one this size I’ll be able to keep it and if I every get back out in the boondocks I would be able to run it on a good sunny day from my solar.

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